Phnom Tong Daeng Golden Heart Hotel (PTD Golden Heart Hotel)

‘Sometimes you have one of those dreams keeping you awake … until you put them into practice’
Join in and make the PTD Golden Heart Hotel in Cambodia possible!
Social Enterprise I Sustainable Travelling I Work & Education occupies itself with giving people in Cambodia a better living. Having implemented short-term projects for years, now is the moment to intensify this, and make this more effective. The result is setting up the PTD Golden Heart Hotel, a Social Enterprise developing commercial activities in order to maximize improvements in human and ecological well-being. PTD Golden Heart Hotel will support its Cambodian staff in the development and well-being of their personal living environments. It offers a safe work setting, and takes care of educational facilities for both the employees, and their families. It will be a middle-class hotel, offering guests a homely and pleasant stay, with various facilities. Guest will be involved in the development goals PTD Golden Heart Hotel strives for, and have a chance to discover many facets of Cambodia. To create a reliable source of financing for the development initiatieves, an charge is included in the room rent, to be spent by the foundation on these initiatives on, amongst others, the Cambodian countryside; the Khmer Foundation for Justice, Peace and Development; and the Krama Yoga studio at Phnom Penh.

NETWORK: is facing big challenges in the near future. Challenges are to find sponsors, moneylenders, national reputation, networks for the crowd funding action. the plans These activities are a must in order to realize the plans for setting up the PTD Golden Heart Hotel at Phnom Penh. Starting capital is required!

Peterhans Koperberg, founder of I PTD Golden Heart Hotel:
‘I want a base in Cambodia through which we are part of life over there, and provide a structural contribution to the improvement of the standard of living of Cambodians. From this base I want to continue initiating projects, as I am doing from the Netherlands right now. In brief: I want to start a hotel at Pnomh Penh. A hotel with a heart of gold.’

Why PTD Golden Heart Hotel?
'I want to start a hotel because this offers a unique site for employment, a proper location for training, and a stable base in Cambodia. By the steady income of the hotel, projects for the benefit of (less fortunate) Cambodians can be financed structurally. This way I make an effective difference for many families.
In my hotel, Cambodians are getting a chance to participate in the labour process. They are taught on the tourism sector and the English language. They receive medical care and good additional working conditions. Their children can go to school. Special roles are reserved for students who can have part-time jobs in order to pay for their studies.'

PTD Golden Heart Hotel
'I want to create a safe and pleasant stay for our guests. I am looking for a site where 40 - 50 rooms can be offered for a price of 30 - 37 euros per night. The hotel will have the usual facilities: a restaurant, a bar, and perhaps a swimming pool. I want to start big rightaway; left for Cambodia on the 4th of July. Want to have hired, renovated, equipped, and operationalized, the hotel in four months time. This I see as the only way to achieve my social goals and put many people to work.'
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Crowd funding
"To establish a well-functioning hotel, money is required. To start big rightaway I need a KICKSTART, so to say. I am asking you to give this KICKSTART, by this crowd funding. Through crowd funding I generate commitment to our social enterprise and the people of Cambodia who, just like you, want to build up a living. I take your commitment seriously; you will be a partner in our steps on this road!
What will your money be used for? Setting up the PTD Golden Heart Hotel-cum-restaurant needs a large amount of starting capital (€ 340.000,00). The building to be hired has to be renovated, all equipment will have to be bought, a large promotion campaign must put out, and moreover the hotel will not make a profit during the first two years as yet. The starting capital will be used for the start-up only. Once the hotel can generates sufficient income, no more gifts or subventions will be required.
I am conscious of the height of the amount, and will account for what you are investing in periodically, on our website. In this I will be accountable, and transparent.

What will you have in return?
I composed various packages to show my gratitude, as you can see above.

Tax advantages: the Dutch tax department has granted the Foundation a so-called ANBI status, which means "organization furthering the common good". This recognition is meant for people like you, who wish us well. You may deduct the donation(s) you have given us from income or company tax. (More info on

Join in! Through this hotel, I want to help on the local population of Cambodia in an effective manner. Dream, think and act along to make this possible and make the difference !!
While doing so, you take advantage of pleasant rewards.

Are you engaged in my dream? Do you want to make a difference too?
Grab this chance, and become part of our adventure;
“On the road to a better world together!”
Do you have questions and/or want to know more on how you may contribute? In that case, please get in touch: