Tourist in my 'own' country

Submitted by beheerder on Sun, 08/23/2015 - 06:13

We are already 1 ½ week in Cambodia, tourist in my 'own' country. When this was written to me, I had to think. The arrival in Phnom Penh was a literally hot bath, it felt good and I also had an idea of ​​coming home. The ride from the airport to the hotel was a delight. Channy, my regular tuk-tuk driver dropped me and Frieda around the neck. Joy and friendship went together. Here, in this city, I'm going to build a part of my future. The crowds, the city, the heat and the noise from the stalls, temples, motorcycles and tuk-tuks ... it all came in. Also at the hotel, 'Mama's Veary ", a warm welcome in the hotel room and it was quite clear that we are welcome here.


The first days in Phnom Penh were marked by the visit of the highlights. Carla and Jan are here for the first time, so we took them to the Tuol Sleng prison, killing fields, Royal Palace, Russian- and New Market, Olympic Stadium, Riverside, Wat Phnom etc. Nice walk through the city, peppering the delicious drink and food ... vacation! Of course I viewed some buildings, maybe the future PTD Golden Heart Hotel. A constant flow of ideas going through me. Appointments are made for after the holiday. Then it really starts. It now remains when taking photos of cute and original things we encounter.


Then we traveled to Chi Pat for a jungle trek of three days. Here is the confirmation of what I experienced last year when I made the final feasibility study and, along with Marieke, have traversed the country. The country has so much to offer, the people are incredibly friendly and there is much work still to be done. During the trek we were even from the world. Cambodian even my phone does not work here. Going back to ourselves and enjoy together. Back to basic and evening musing in my hammock, figure out how soon the guests tempted here to experience how small-scale ecotourism contributes to employment, and to protect nature.

images.jpgimages (1).jpgimages (2).jpg

Returning in Phnom Penh, I planted the seeds of the Sandalwood Tree. This should soon offer a leafy coolness on the roof and we may be able to squeeze into the future of the fruit Sandelwoodoil. After a restful night we went on the road to Battambang. We stay at the Children Home (PCH2) where we have conducted in recent years several projects. Again, a warm welcome! Ponlieu and Sophy have everything ready to spend a few days here. Of course, the Ponleu circus on the program as well as the Bamboo Train, the Pagodas and the bat cave. Sothea has a cooking class arranged at Nary's Kitchen, and to test whether it is we have also eaten as well.

Yes, in the sense of tourists 'own' country it enters. I enjoy every moment and it's nice that this also is experienced in our group. I think they will soon have returned to the Netherlands a few weeks, the time needed to recover from the trip!

One and a half week vacation in my beautiful country. We're going to expire something beautiful.

Love and untill the next weblog




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I'm leaving

Submitted by beheerder on Sun, 08/23/2015 - 05:49

It all started in 2012 ...... A dream that would become a reality ... !!

soms heb je van die dromen logo_0.jpgIMG_2408_0.JPG

After years of preparation, it's so far. I'm with Frieda at Schiphol and we go for boarding. We leave. What a weird week. Last Sunday a great goodbye party. It was great fun and I have a good feeling held there. Trust, friendships, support and ... .. emotional, beautiful and a giant award-factor!


Monday was marked by the pack. Of course I want all (dear) gifts, and the piles of 'nice-to-have' and 'need-to-have' I have merged. I can not throw away. This is the ultimate result;


Tuesday was there, after I had been at the notary, time for a little reunion with Cambodia Team 2013. Lovely get used to the summer climate.


After a lovely morning of work and a lunch with Anton in the Havenkom Wednesday was the day the dream of Hans, my brother in law. As a primary school teacher, he received the retirement age. For him the time to make his dreams come true. This began with a very beautiful and valuable reception and ended with a delicious summer dinner. Enjoy!
Thursday and Friday were scheduled to finalize the administration. Bank, administrative (Peer), Chamber of Commerce, accounting, etc etc.

Frieda, Nienke, Martin, Suzanne, Kate, Simone, Marieke, Mark, Laurens, Richard, François, Gert-Jan, Theo, Louise, Dennis, Harry, Tom, Winny, Djamila, Jan, Fern, Trudy, Richard Jacques, Exodus employees, Gert-Jan, Ellen, Mark, Margrethe, Age, Marleen, Kees, Gerkjan, Kitty, Jef, Eveline, Kirsten, Baldwin, Susan, Carla, John, Tom, Renske, Rob, Doreen, Anton, Tineke, Obe, Jan, Colleagues DJI, Arjen, Eva, Cick, Dagmar, Rikkie, Foundation Bruijn Kleinen, Wieke, Sake, Miriam, Antoinette, Hans, Sanne, Michel Bart, Dick, Marjolein, Arthur, Kate, Marijke, Dennis, Monique, Jan, Gerda, Eric, Danielle, Roderick, Ellen, Joe, Otto, Rob, Marije, Alex, Janet, Irma, Josta, Annet, Herman, Rianne, Richard, Brigitte, Annemarie, Erik, Yvonne, Trudy, Glen, Jacqueline, Foundation Triathlon Limburg, Harrie, Ruud, Wim, Rens, Renate, Liesbeth, Eveline, Gretha, Leonie, Irene, Peter, former Cambodia participants, all donors, and of course everybody who I forgot to write, all followers of the blog, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and those who want to not be named.

Thanks, all of you have contributed to the realization of my dream! AWESOME. I'm so proud of you.

I am leaving, heading for Phnom Penh.

Until the next blog from the land of my dreams,





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Rollercoaster and Goodbye

Submitted by beheerder on Sun, 08/23/2015 - 05:34


Just one week to go, I have the feeling to sit in a roller coaster. My agenda is full and the last-minute issues must be regulated. Last week I was busy with perform the administration and tax in relation to my work and life in Cambodia. Here again people came on my path to help me with their necessary expertise. Investigation launched, into the tax rules in Cambodia and the consequences here and in the meantime, to set up a Dutch Holding to arrange good business for the future.

The emotional roller coaster is also there. Packing the last case(s) is still more difficult than I thought. The close-clicking makes it really final and that I still have to postpone. Now piling everything on what I'm going to carry. Separated into piles for the holiday backpack and suitcase(s) for the apartment and structurally stay. Probably this will be a last-minute action next week.

After a farewell party with the neighbors today last sunday a real goodbye party. What nice and pleasant to see each other for a moment in an amazing ambience of the estate Olmenhorst. Cozy all together prepare a delicious Italian menu under the supervision of top chefs. This was taking ‘good-bye’.

image1 (1)_0.jpgimage1 (2)_0.jpg

I'm already a long time working on the completion of the PTD Golden Heart Hotel. At the time I took last October resignation, I randomly asked a number of people for me to write a 'quote' showing that it will work to realize this project to me. These quotes have given me great support and occasionally I read them through ff. Would you read them ...... can do that here.



That everything is also evident from the figures; The site today has received 31.171 visitors. 5058 readers have followed the blogs and there are € 47,179.00 in donations and investments within. And that ... it will continue and there will be more money coming in daily.


Next week is full of appointments; board meeting, notary, farewell lunch with former Cambodian participants, luncheons, retirement party, administration, banking and many more. And of course ... ..the cases have really stuffed!


Just one week to go, Saturday we are picked up at 14:00 and we leave for Schiphol. Next week ...... we are at this time already in Phnom Penh. What a wonderful prospect!


Until next week






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Submitted by beheerder on Sat, 06/27/2015 - 20:41

Dear readers,

I'm already working a long time to realize the PTD Golden Heart Hotel. At the time I took resignation (October 2014), I randomly asked some people to write a 'quote' showing that I will realize this project. These quotes have given me great support and so I want to share this with you as a follower.

Writers; thanks a lot, all the quotes will get a prominent place in the hotel!


"Perseverance, people person, warm and loving, communicative; those are your qualities that are needed to realize this project."

Josta van der Kooye,

Dep. Prison Director P. I. Haarlem,

Colleague Peterhans


"Your heart shows you the way. The road from the path that is there for you to walk. Follow your heart, your feelings, your dreams then I am convinced that it suits you where you should be. It is revealed that Peterhans Cambodia has concluded in his heart. His path then goes eastward. There's no doubt about it. The right intention leads you to the right path. In this case, the right mountain, the only way is up to Phnom Tong Daeng Golden Heart Hotel, Koperberg (Coppermountain) Hotel. "

Marieke Vliegen

Yoga teacher and co-Cambodia-fan,

Friend of Peterhans


"The Phnom Tong Daeng Hotel is a great success because we work with passionate people, there is cooperation with the local population, as a starting locally where possible and through your knowledge and experience with the country and its people!"

Margrethe Tippersma

Project / Programme Manager

Friend of Peterhans


"Even though he is unpaved, full of bumps, potholes and curves ... where’s a will there's a way for Peter Hans."

Annet Lelieveld

Executive Secretary Dutch Correctional Intitutions Agency

Colleague Peterhans


"There are not so many people who are so driven and passionate as Peterhans. Through his social skills, enthusiasm and humor the PTDHotel will be a success. I have had the privilege to travel through Cambodia with him and seen what he gets done and how the Cambodians have locked him in their hearts. What will it be a festival in the Phnom Tong Daeng Golden Heart Hotel! "

Eva Verkuil

Family doctor in training

Cambodia team in 2012 and friend


"There are few people with such drive, commitment and conviction in one person. Not succeeding is not an option for you!"

Veerle Rooze

Theologian / Business expert

Friend of Peterhans


"Is there anything you would not do to bring this social enterprise a success?"

Sanne Jense.

Your sister, but also the director of Foundation En Route to which you are a loyal volunteer. Always willing to think in terms of solutions and opportunities.


"Peterhans has a dream! And Peterhans will make his dream. With his vast experience in various development projects in Cambodia and his passion and determination, he can ensure that the Phnom Tong Daeng Golden Heart Hotel is coming. I know Peterhans as years as a friend. And always I see the passion in the things that he picks. "Go for it ......". Featuring Peterhans. With this setting and with the right people around him, they are able to realize the hotel. So it is worth to support his Phnom Tong Daeng Golden Heart Hotel. Do! "

Anton Spaan



"With enthusiasm, conviction, humor and sense of local customs Peterhans get everything done."

Heida Raven

Board member and project coordinator Foundation Active Help Cambodia

Former partner organization with experience youth-traveling


"Peterhans has the will and perseverance to make his Cambodia project a success. He has done his homework and knows what he's getting into. He has the courage to actually realize his dream, and that is something we can only admire. Nothing is certain in life, but Peterhans will do everything to make his plans where. I help him with this initiative, do not you!

Theo Voermans,

marketing researcher



"The clock is running. Make the most of today.

Time waits for no man.

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery.

Today is your gift to Cambodia. "

Richard Hilt

relation to PH:

More than colleagues in the Dutch Correctional Institutions Agency


"Peterhans: tackles, continues and will succeed!"

Brigitte Hilt-Vos

relation to PH:

Friend and former management assistant


"Peterhans and his team are experienced, social, active and certainly not naive entrepreneurs.

If Peterhans had something in his head then dreams can come true.

Kick in the ass, he does not need ...... does your financial support to make a start. "

Yolande van Wijk

Profession: Director Foundation Commundo

Organized together with PH special volunteers travel to Cambodia.


"Peterhans combines tenacity and practicality with a social and warm feeling for people. The Phnom Tong Daeng Golden Heart Hotel is coming! "

Jan Lems

D66 party leader Almere

Division Manager Ambulatory vitrée

Relationship: befriended and previously involved in projects in Asia

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From Terschelling to Maastricht and.....the LOGO

Submitted by beheerder on Mon, 06/22/2015 - 13:37

What a wonderful week and what a fun to experience a beautiful NL . From the sea, beach tent and cranberries from Terschelling to the 'mountains', castle and flan in Limburg ☺.


Terschelling was a party. Oerol, a great program and we have seen many beautiful productions. We were lucky with the weather. "Traditional Dutch" was expected, however after some drizzle, the sun came and that really made it relaxed. Nice in the dunes to enjoy the performances, great cycling from West to Oosterend, fine dining at the Whale ...... holiday and top!


Then to Limburg. Triathlon Stein, an event where I participants for the 31st time. From 1985 to the end of the 20th century as a triathlete and the last decade as a speaker for the live report from the motorbike. As a farewell, I was appointed this weekend as race director. I've enjoyed it. In the middle of this beautiful triathlon NL, a race through the mountains of Limburg. A nice farewell and from the hands of President Harrie Impelmans I received the "honorary membership" of the Triathlon Limburg! I am proud that I could contribute to this top sporting event!


Yes, and the time goes fast. Just two weeks before departure. The tension are sometimes increasing. Butterflies in my stomach, soon it will really happen. Despite the long preparation, by living my dream and the drive and passion also occasionally uncertainty. This came sometimes unexpectedly blew over and take possession of my mind. Then hurry back to the Mantra; "I can, I want and I do it."


As a guest writer my cousin Laurens Hilboezen, Creative Director of Bureau Opvallend;

"In early April, Peter Hans approached me to create a logo design for his PTD Golden Heart Hotel. It was a very interesting project and I wanted to contribute to designing a unique logo for him. After reading the business plan I wrote down a few key words: sustainability, happiness, accessible and golden heart (for you (hotel) guests and staff). When the key words were formulated, I made several sketches and made a presentation of the three concept logos. Following tips, additions, changes in color and the advises of the Ambassadors in the Netherlands and Cambodia, Peter Hans has chosen this unique logo design:


The logo has a modern and fresh look. The logo is a combination of flowering foliage and an abstract heart. The leaves stand for a new beginning and the sustainability. This is reinforced by the green element. Abstract heart that is reflected in the two leaves of the logo, stands for "Golden Heart", trust, love and happiness. The font is sleek, easy to read and has a modern look. Bottom right is text in Khmer, namely: "Koperberg - Copper Mountain - Phnom Tong Daeng"

I wish Peterhans, Frieda and all the other involved great success and make your dreams come true!"


And now...... Further packing and counting,

Love and until next blog




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IMPULSIVE, a look inside.....

Submitted by beheerder on Sat, 06/13/2015 - 19:59

Yes, I am impulsive. I can get excited and eager to explore new challenges. If a thread through my life; go for whatever comes my way .... I have in my career as a manager through many assessments. My orange, my drive, passion and enthusiasm to innovate was always on the first place.


Sometimes I find my impulsiveness difficult. I have an idea whether it is tapped into something new again I share it quickly, and then ... ..there is always someone around me that brings me back to earth by the simple questions like, "Are you serious?" "Do you have time for?" or "Where is your focus now anyway?". Phew, then I’ll go back again and there is a reflective moment for the search of the right balance.

Fortunately, I have people around me who keep me on my toes ... I have myself these considerations, the peace and take the time to take the stairs step by step. Don’t impulsively take three steps at a time. I need that feedback; THANKS ALL ☺.


Now, own boss, I notice that this is important. Focus on my dream of Cambodia and beyond as nothing! The PTD Golden Heart Hotel is just no impulsive action of mine. This is thought out and there I (and many others) worked on for years. Structured and organized ... . well contemplated and lived .... with the result; "I resigned, I am convinced that this will be a success!".


Reflection in these days has something to look back on. Exactly one year ago I sat nights to watch at the bedside of my mother and she is deceased on June 13 in my presence. She was strong and she was so sweet. It was also nice and grateful to be able to accompany her so. I miss her and I miss my father. In my 'farewell tour' with my uncle and aunts in recent weeks, the memories came back strong. "What you look like your father, what would they be proud of you, you're a real 'Koperberg'," so sweet and so beautiful. I feel the presence of them, they give me support. They're in my heart and keep me sharp. With everything I do should feel good and I must follow my heart. And despite all the thoughtful and intense choices I will miss my dear extraordinary people around me.



Yesterday I also experienced how people sympathize. I was invited to attend the wedding of Brian and Kirsten. Kirsten was a participant in the Cambodia-group in 2013. With her physical disability she had a great experience gained by shifting her boundaries, literally and figuratively. How nice to see how strong she has become there. The wedding was immediately a "reunion" of former participants. Incredibly nice that there are about connectedness remains, even the former participants who are now in places around the world make themselves heard. I am proud of them!


Now I’m going to Oerol on Terschelling, a Dutch island. No Samui-, Phnom Penh- or Barcelona weather there. It’s typically Dutch; Wind, Rain and Fresh .... I'm going to enjoy.

Love and you will read more next week,


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(Almost) ready for departure

Submitted by beheerder on Sun, 06/07/2015 - 22:01

Still 4 weeks before we left! The first bags are packed and the to-do list Netherlands is almost finished. A special feeling, it is now just waiting for the moment I can pick things back entered Phnom Penh. I have more frequent contact with our friends in Cambodia. The first appointments were made at the bank, brokers and various ministries. I found my apartment. On 1 September it’s available. In the centre of Phnom Penh and for a friendly price. It’s felt well that my place iss found.

But first we go on holiday. From July 4 to 24 Frieda and I, together with our friends Carla and John, are going on tour. Truly a blissful feeling that they will join me inn the first weeks in Cambodia and that we could spend more time together.

Phnom Penh, Chi Pat, Battambang, Siem Reap, Keb are the places we’ll visit. All equally taste and enjoy what the beautiful and versatile Cambodia has to offer; including trekking, rural, Angkor Wat, sea and beaches. For me a taste when it comes to the 'Leisure activities' which we will develop in the PTD Golden Heart Hotel ☺.

We are looking forward to.

Saying goodbye also has her charm. So I get special (small and special) presents from friends. Fun is it to feel that it reflects the relationship between us in a beautiful and meaningful way. That gives a lot of support when I’m living in Phnom Penh in my apartment with this visible business with each story.


The report on Omroep Flevoland has yielded many positive responses. What an incredibly good feeling to experience that so much support and enthusiasm about what I'm doing. Little known Flevolander, I was already addressed in the supermarket if I was the gentleman who went to Cambodia ☺. Thanks, it’s so cool! Of course, some comments with criticism. That was in the beginning a little difficult, but the more I think about it; I realize that the step we are now making is a particular step, with all (in)securities that the decision entails. And yes, we do not have a crystal ball and we don’t know what the future will look like. Step by step we will go this experience and share.

Soon we obviously need a professional website. By Marieke I came into contact with Arjen Schmitz (professional photographer) and Tom Huynen (web designer). With both of them I spoke last week and start of preparations for the site. Great conversations and also with them I received enthusiastic support and here again there are new and creative ideas gained!


The 'adopted' charities as the Khmer Foundation and Krama Yoga studios have PTD Golden Heart Hotel also listed on their sites and blogs. That is beautiful. It also means something. They will be able to get a nice share of the turnover of the hotel. Just a sample calculation; If the hotel has 44 rooms soon they can, with a capacity utilization of 60%, project plans filing, proportionately, more than € 20,000.00 !! So they have an interest to refer as many guests soon to PTD Golden Heart Hotel.


Dear readers, 4 weeks ... it goes so fast. Next week, my blog from Oerol!


Happy week,

Yours Truly




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Submitted by beheerder on Sun, 05/31/2015 - 22:46

Dear followers,

"Time flies," no clincher ... the current reality. And fortunately, I have fun. Two weeks ago the press releases went out and with a great result! The story of "prison director to hotel owner" is interesting for the press☺. Next Tuesday, June 2nd, at 17.00 on Omroep Flevoland (Dutch Broadcasting) the report that we added last week in the Lelystad Prison (my 'old' workplace) and Thursday 1st I am in Maastricht for a interview by the L1-table (regional broadcasting Limburg) on live broadcast . Planning is between 17:55 and 18:30.

The donations and investment goes so well, we have slightly adjusted our site. On the current barometer stated what has been paid, but those were the donations and investments together. We now have two barometers, one for the donations (for which the donor will have the opportunity to tax-reduce because of our ANBI status) and 1 for the investments (social investment at a very reasonable interest rate ☺).

Marieke, even though she's not coming to Cambodia, is hard at work within her network. Last week, through its given a generous donation by the Foundation Bruijn Kleinen. Also, there are again some investors recovered, the ambassadors working hard and doeing a good job! Now really all jumps made and the barometers given a total of € 38,971.00! There is trust and we are obviously not finished.

I'll get the question; "What do you do when the target start-capital does not get in through the Crowdfunding?" Dear friends, I don't stop to realize my dream! Through my Cambodian network I am given the opportunity to take out a loan from a Cambodian bank to supplement the remaining amount. Of course I hope to minimize the need to borrow from a bank.

My calendar next week is filled again. I travel around in the Netherlands from Assen to Geleen and from Maastricht to Amsterdam. Filling the agenda is becoming increasingly difficult. Both, business and private, the last "free" filled moments. How nice to experience that so many people still want to 'just' an appointment.

Just some figures; the website-views from 26 April: 5055 visitors, the blogs are read on the site by 1276 persons, my posts on LinkedIn have a range of more than 250 each placement and on Facebook we have 266 followers and a maximum range of 5,400 visitors by Sharen and likes by all of you.

Next week you will hear a lot to me! Look anyway Tuesday and Thursday respectively to Omroep Flevoland (17:00) and L1 (17.55). You can see it on internet. Any changes in time I report to Facebook.

Until the next blog

Xxx Peterhans ☺

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In Prosperity and Adversity

Submitted by beheerder on Fri, 05/29/2015 - 09:36

Dear followers,

Life goes momentum. Press releases are sent out, and this morning shots have already been made at the broadcast Flevoland. What an incredibly fun experience. The item was included in the Prison of Lelystad, at my old workplace ... 'from prison director to hotel owner’. My departure as a public servant and then start a social enterprise in Cambodia ... still a bold step in my life. The broadcast is coming Tuesday June 2nd at 17:00 and then will be repeated every hour (

I go for it, and support will only increase. Donors and investors have reported, my Cambodian friends have already found a house and have already looked at the optional premises. It runs smoothly! I feel good withit.

However, a setback. Marieke is not coming with me. I can understand her concerns. It is a step into the unknown, securities are specified and the choice should be made with conviction. That doubt has made, after we have long talked about, Marieke decided not to join me in September. For me it taste as a bitter pill. After all, I had not asked her for anything to do with it. However, it was not just a step, my expectations are high and also applies here; "When you doubt, do not overtake '! We must also be able to find our happiness on the other side of the world and in between then drop out is not an issue. I am certainly proud of her for this difficult (and emotional) choice, because also she is infected with the (beautiful) 'Cambodia virus’. It was of course not the easiest way for her to tell me.
Remote Marieke will of course continue to give support to me and the project and she will monitor the projects of the Krama Yoga Studio!

Life goes on! Setbacks will I encounter enough. Fortunately, I never needed to follow the training "dealing with disappointments. A wise actor has ever taught me; "I can, I want it, I'll do it!" Get up and go again .... Life goes on!

Still 5 weeks to go ...... To be continued!

Until the next blog

Xxxx Peterhans


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Submitted by beheerder on Fri, 05/29/2015 - 09:07

Suesedai (Hello) dear followers,

It is a different experience, say goodbye. It really started! This weekend for the last time with our campingcar to the Pentecostal camp. This weekend, which we traditionally been for 14th time stand on our familiar spot, is always a relaxed gathering where anything goes and nothing is! Farewell ...... thoughts wander to a kind of retreat weekend in Cambodia. It is also saying goodbye to our campingcar, our home on wheels with which we tens of thousands of kilometers across Europe have roamed in recent years,. The new owners came forward and now it's a little melancholy clean up the memories!
Last week actually retired from work. In Amsterdam a conference 'Top1000' sympathized and even there said goodbye to colleagues and partners. Nice to experience how many people follow me and what a lovely responses I get.
The agenda is also full of appointments with friends to see each other just before departure. Must really work out, the lunch and dinner appointments not only filling the day ☺.
The to-do list before leaving decreases, the to-do list for Cambodia will be longer. Many business and private affairs have been completed and what remains now I have to pick up in Cambodia. Cleaning up and packing (say goodbye) is almost ready, the 'what-take-me-with' stack is ready to be packed into suitcases and ‘what-have-I-no-longer-needed' stuff is going away to counter or other charities. The contacts with the brokers in Phnom Penh progressing well. Several options are proposed for both the hotel and house / apartment where Marieke and I will live. Then comes the adventure, the dream really close and then to think that we are in the plane about 6 weeks!

The initial response to our press release get inside. Both from Flevoland as from Limburg, Marieke actually stems from Maastricht, is responded positively. With Flevoland broadcasting be there next week recordings! Will definitely persecuted and shared!

For the next few days as the issues of the day, relax in the Gelderland country and enjoy being together!

Until next week


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