(Almost) ready for departure

Submitted by beheerder on Sun, 06/07/2015 - 22:01

Still 4 weeks before we left! The first bags are packed and the to-do list Netherlands is almost finished. A special feeling, it is now just waiting for the moment I can pick things back entered Phnom Penh. I have more frequent contact with our friends in Cambodia. The first appointments were made at the bank, brokers and various ministries. I found my apartment. On 1 September it’s available. In the centre of Phnom Penh and for a friendly price. It’s felt well that my place iss found.

But first we go on holiday. From July 4 to 24 Frieda and I, together with our friends Carla and John, are going on tour. Truly a blissful feeling that they will join me inn the first weeks in Cambodia and that we could spend more time together.

Phnom Penh, Chi Pat, Battambang, Siem Reap, Keb are the places we’ll visit. All equally taste and enjoy what the beautiful and versatile Cambodia has to offer; including trekking, rural, Angkor Wat, sea and beaches. For me a taste when it comes to the 'Leisure activities' which we will develop in the PTD Golden Heart Hotel ☺.

We are looking forward to.

Saying goodbye also has her charm. So I get special (small and special) presents from friends. Fun is it to feel that it reflects the relationship between us in a beautiful and meaningful way. That gives a lot of support when I’m living in Phnom Penh in my apartment with this visible business with each story.


The report on Omroep Flevoland has yielded many positive responses. What an incredibly good feeling to experience that so much support and enthusiasm about what I'm doing. Little known Flevolander, I was already addressed in the supermarket if I was the gentleman who went to Cambodia ☺. Thanks, it’s so cool! Of course, some comments with criticism. That was in the beginning a little difficult, but the more I think about it; I realize that the step we are now making is a particular step, with all (in)securities that the decision entails. And yes, we do not have a crystal ball and we don’t know what the future will look like. Step by step we will go this experience and share.

Soon we obviously need a professional website. By Marieke I came into contact with Arjen Schmitz (professional photographer) and Tom Huynen (web designer). With both of them I spoke last week and start of preparations for the site. Great conversations and also with them I received enthusiastic support and here again there are new and creative ideas gained!


The 'adopted' charities as the Khmer Foundation and Krama Yoga studios have PTD Golden Heart Hotel also listed on their sites and blogs. That is beautiful. It also means something. They will be able to get a nice share of the turnover of the hotel. Just a sample calculation; If the hotel has 44 rooms soon they can, with a capacity utilization of 60%, project plans filing, proportionately, more than € 20,000.00 !! So they have an interest to refer as many guests soon to PTD Golden Heart Hotel.


Dear readers, 4 weeks ... it goes so fast. Next week, my blog from Oerol!


Happy week,

Yours Truly




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