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Dear followers,

"Time flies," no clincher ... the current reality. And fortunately, I have fun. Two weeks ago the press releases went out and with a great result! The story of "prison director to hotel owner" is interesting for the press☺. Next Tuesday, June 2nd, at 17.00 on Omroep Flevoland (Dutch Broadcasting) the report that we added last week in the Lelystad Prison (my 'old' workplace) and Thursday 1st I am in Maastricht for a interview by the L1-table (regional broadcasting Limburg) on live broadcast . Planning is between 17:55 and 18:30.

The donations and investment goes so well, we have slightly adjusted our site. On the current barometer stated what has been paid, but those were the donations and investments together. We now have two barometers, one for the donations (for which the donor will have the opportunity to tax-reduce because of our ANBI status) and 1 for the investments (social investment at a very reasonable interest rate ☺).

Marieke, even though she's not coming to Cambodia, is hard at work within her network. Last week, through its given a generous donation by the Foundation Bruijn Kleinen. Also, there are again some investors recovered, the ambassadors working hard and doeing a good job! Now really all jumps made and the barometers given a total of € 38,971.00! There is trust and we are obviously not finished.

I'll get the question; "What do you do when the target start-capital does not get in through the Crowdfunding?" Dear friends, I don't stop to realize my dream! Through my Cambodian network I am given the opportunity to take out a loan from a Cambodian bank to supplement the remaining amount. Of course I hope to minimize the need to borrow from a bank.

My calendar next week is filled again. I travel around in the Netherlands from Assen to Geleen and from Maastricht to Amsterdam. Filling the agenda is becoming increasingly difficult. Both, business and private, the last "free" filled moments. How nice to experience that so many people still want to 'just' an appointment.

Just some figures; the website-views from 26 April: 5055 visitors, the blogs are read on the site by 1276 persons, my posts on LinkedIn have a range of more than 250 each placement and on Facebook we have 266 followers and a maximum range of 5,400 visitors by Sharen and likes by all of you.

Next week you will hear a lot to me! Look anyway Tuesday and Thursday respectively to Omroep Flevoland (17:00) and L1 (17.55). You can see it on internet. Any changes in time I report to Facebook.

Until the next blog

Xxx Peterhans ☺

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