To start the PTD Golden Heart Hotel, a starting capital of altogether € 434.000,00 is required. This capital is utilized for, amongst other things, the purchase of assets, rent, renovation, furnishing, advertisement and promotion actions, and administration.
What will we do make this plan come together?
1) We have faith on the plan, and will finance 20% or the starting capital ourselves!
2) The Kick-off of our Crowd funding action will be on April 26th, 2015. With the help of our website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and our network, we hope to collect another portion of our starting capital.
3) Private investors are encouraged to participate in our company. To this end, special arrangements and tax advantages are available like, for instance, the 'Aunt Agatha arrangement’. We will look for them actively, and interested parties may get in touch with us directly.
4) Companies will written to, requesting them to sponsor specific objects or actions. These may vary from building a website to the supply of solar panels, but of course also a financial contribution which will result in a tax advantage.
5) The Asian Development Bank will be approach for a loan through an application. Through such loans, on a low interest rate, the Bank intends to encourage foreign companies to invest in Asia, including Cambodia. Employment, education, and social support, are basic values to qualify for a loan.
6) We are in touch with the Bank, in order to obtain a loan for the remaining amount required, as a starting international company.
In our business plan (under the heading of ‘PTD Golden Heart Hotel’), you will find annexes containing details of the required starting capital, as well as our long-term budget and exploitation plan.
If you are interested to invest, please phone 0031-6-53348870, of send an e-mail to