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Suesedai (Hello) dear followers,

It is a different experience, say goodbye. It really started! This weekend for the last time with our campingcar to the Pentecostal camp. This weekend, which we traditionally been for 14th time stand on our familiar spot, is always a relaxed gathering where anything goes and nothing is! Farewell ...... thoughts wander to a kind of retreat weekend in Cambodia. It is also saying goodbye to our campingcar, our home on wheels with which we tens of thousands of kilometers across Europe have roamed in recent years,. The new owners came forward and now it's a little melancholy clean up the memories!
Last week actually retired from work. In Amsterdam a conference 'Top1000' sympathized and even there said goodbye to colleagues and partners. Nice to experience how many people follow me and what a lovely responses I get.
The agenda is also full of appointments with friends to see each other just before departure. Must really work out, the lunch and dinner appointments not only filling the day ☺.
The to-do list before leaving decreases, the to-do list for Cambodia will be longer. Many business and private affairs have been completed and what remains now I have to pick up in Cambodia. Cleaning up and packing (say goodbye) is almost ready, the 'what-take-me-with' stack is ready to be packed into suitcases and ‘what-have-I-no-longer-needed' stuff is going away to counter or other charities. The contacts with the brokers in Phnom Penh progressing well. Several options are proposed for both the hotel and house / apartment where Marieke and I will live. Then comes the adventure, the dream really close and then to think that we are in the plane about 6 weeks!

The initial response to our press release get inside. Both from Flevoland as from Limburg, Marieke actually stems from Maastricht, is responded positively. With Flevoland broadcasting be there next week recordings! Will definitely persecuted and shared!

For the next few days as the issues of the day, relax in the Gelderland country and enjoy being together!

Until next week


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