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Submitted by beheerder on Sun, 08/23/2015 - 05:49

It all started in 2012 ...... A dream that would become a reality ... !!

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After years of preparation, it's so far. I'm with Frieda at Schiphol and we go for boarding. We leave. What a weird week. Last Sunday a great goodbye party. It was great fun and I have a good feeling held there. Trust, friendships, support and ... .. emotional, beautiful and a giant award-factor!


Monday was marked by the pack. Of course I want all (dear) gifts, and the piles of 'nice-to-have' and 'need-to-have' I have merged. I can not throw away. This is the ultimate result;


Tuesday was there, after I had been at the notary, time for a little reunion with Cambodia Team 2013. Lovely get used to the summer climate.


After a lovely morning of work and a lunch with Anton in the Havenkom Wednesday was the day the dream of Hans, my brother in law. As a primary school teacher, he received the retirement age. For him the time to make his dreams come true. This began with a very beautiful and valuable reception and ended with a delicious summer dinner. Enjoy!
Thursday and Friday were scheduled to finalize the administration. Bank, administrative (Peer), Chamber of Commerce, accounting, etc etc.

Frieda, Nienke, Martin, Suzanne, Kate, Simone, Marieke, Mark, Laurens, Richard, François, Gert-Jan, Theo, Louise, Dennis, Harry, Tom, Winny, Djamila, Jan, Fern, Trudy, Richard Jacques, Exodus employees, Gert-Jan, Ellen, Mark, Margrethe, Age, Marleen, Kees, Gerkjan, Kitty, Jef, Eveline, Kirsten, Baldwin, Susan, Carla, John, Tom, Renske, Rob, Doreen, Anton, Tineke, Obe, Jan, Colleagues DJI, Arjen, Eva, Cick, Dagmar, Rikkie, Foundation Bruijn Kleinen, Wieke, Sake, Miriam, Antoinette, Hans, Sanne, Michel Bart, Dick, Marjolein, Arthur, Kate, Marijke, Dennis, Monique, Jan, Gerda, Eric, Danielle, Roderick, Ellen, Joe, Otto, Rob, Marije, Alex, Janet, Irma, Josta, Annet, Herman, Rianne, Richard, Brigitte, Annemarie, Erik, Yvonne, Trudy, Glen, Jacqueline, Foundation Triathlon Limburg, Harrie, Ruud, Wim, Rens, Renate, Liesbeth, Eveline, Gretha, Leonie, Irene, Peter, former Cambodia participants, all donors, and of course everybody who I forgot to write, all followers of the blog, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and those who want to not be named.

Thanks, all of you have contributed to the realization of my dream! AWESOME. I'm so proud of you.

I am leaving, heading for Phnom Penh.

Until the next blog from the land of my dreams,





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