IMPULSIVE, a look inside.....

Submitted by beheerder on Sat, 06/13/2015 - 19:59

Yes, I am impulsive. I can get excited and eager to explore new challenges. If a thread through my life; go for whatever comes my way .... I have in my career as a manager through many assessments. My orange, my drive, passion and enthusiasm to innovate was always on the first place.


Sometimes I find my impulsiveness difficult. I have an idea whether it is tapped into something new again I share it quickly, and then ... ..there is always someone around me that brings me back to earth by the simple questions like, "Are you serious?" "Do you have time for?" or "Where is your focus now anyway?". Phew, then I’ll go back again and there is a reflective moment for the search of the right balance.

Fortunately, I have people around me who keep me on my toes ... I have myself these considerations, the peace and take the time to take the stairs step by step. Don’t impulsively take three steps at a time. I need that feedback; THANKS ALL ☺.


Now, own boss, I notice that this is important. Focus on my dream of Cambodia and beyond as nothing! The PTD Golden Heart Hotel is just no impulsive action of mine. This is thought out and there I (and many others) worked on for years. Structured and organized ... . well contemplated and lived .... with the result; "I resigned, I am convinced that this will be a success!".


Reflection in these days has something to look back on. Exactly one year ago I sat nights to watch at the bedside of my mother and she is deceased on June 13 in my presence. She was strong and she was so sweet. It was also nice and grateful to be able to accompany her so. I miss her and I miss my father. In my 'farewell tour' with my uncle and aunts in recent weeks, the memories came back strong. "What you look like your father, what would they be proud of you, you're a real 'Koperberg'," so sweet and so beautiful. I feel the presence of them, they give me support. They're in my heart and keep me sharp. With everything I do should feel good and I must follow my heart. And despite all the thoughtful and intense choices I will miss my dear extraordinary people around me.



Yesterday I also experienced how people sympathize. I was invited to attend the wedding of Brian and Kirsten. Kirsten was a participant in the Cambodia-group in 2013. With her physical disability she had a great experience gained by shifting her boundaries, literally and figuratively. How nice to see how strong she has become there. The wedding was immediately a "reunion" of former participants. Incredibly nice that there are about connectedness remains, even the former participants who are now in places around the world make themselves heard. I am proud of them!


Now I’m going to Oerol on Terschelling, a Dutch island. No Samui-, Phnom Penh- or Barcelona weather there. It’s typically Dutch; Wind, Rain and Fresh .... I'm going to enjoy.

Love and you will read more next week,


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