In Prosperity and Adversity

Submitted by beheerder on Fri, 05/29/2015 - 09:36

Dear followers,

Life goes momentum. Press releases are sent out, and this morning shots have already been made at the broadcast Flevoland. What an incredibly fun experience. The item was included in the Prison of Lelystad, at my old workplace ... 'from prison director to hotel owner’. My departure as a public servant and then start a social enterprise in Cambodia ... still a bold step in my life. The broadcast is coming Tuesday June 2nd at 17:00 and then will be repeated every hour (

I go for it, and support will only increase. Donors and investors have reported, my Cambodian friends have already found a house and have already looked at the optional premises. It runs smoothly! I feel good withit.

However, a setback. Marieke is not coming with me. I can understand her concerns. It is a step into the unknown, securities are specified and the choice should be made with conviction. That doubt has made, after we have long talked about, Marieke decided not to join me in September. For me it taste as a bitter pill. After all, I had not asked her for anything to do with it. However, it was not just a step, my expectations are high and also applies here; "When you doubt, do not overtake '! We must also be able to find our happiness on the other side of the world and in between then drop out is not an issue. I am certainly proud of her for this difficult (and emotional) choice, because also she is infected with the (beautiful) 'Cambodia virus’. It was of course not the easiest way for her to tell me.
Remote Marieke will of course continue to give support to me and the project and she will monitor the projects of the Krama Yoga Studio!

Life goes on! Setbacks will I encounter enough. Fortunately, I never needed to follow the training "dealing with disappointments. A wise actor has ever taught me; "I can, I want it, I'll do it!" Get up and go again .... Life goes on!

Still 5 weeks to go ...... To be continued!

Until the next blog

Xxxx Peterhans


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