PTD Golden Heart Hotel

The Phnom Tong Daeng Golden Heart Hotel, situated in Phnom Penh, Cambodja, is not a Civil Society Organization or Charity Organization. We see our company as a Social Enterprise. A social enterprise is an organization which unfolds commercial activities in order to maximize improvements in human and ecological well-being, instead of just maximizing profit for its owner(s). The Phnom Tong Daeng Golden Heart Hotel is unique as we, besides excellent company management, aspire for sustainable forms of traveling, personnel management, and support to local projects. We offer our customers a homely, pleasant, and safe stay, with various facilities at hand, and a warm acquaintance with Cambodia. The customer is introduced in the development initiatives PTD Golden Heart Hotel strives for. PTD Golden Heart Hotel is an instrument to contribute to the well-being of Cambodians.
Phnom Tong Daeng Golden Heart Hotel is a private company, paying all relevant government taxes: profit tax, VAT, alcohol tax, wage tax, and immovable tax. This helps the community to grow, and contributes to the necessary development in Cambodia.

Sustainable personnel management
We offer our employees a well-paid job, basis training in English, a basic education with respect to work-related and necessary competences (dealing with customers in a professional way, organizing, representativeness, co-operation, and organizational sensitivity). Phnom Tong Daeng Golden Heart Hotel pays its staff a good salary, and takes care of the personnel share of taxes, required health insuance, and education of their children.
Supporting sustainable local initiatives

Phnom Tong Daeng Golden Heart Hotel adopted two local initiatives. The first one consists of two children's homes of the Khmer Foundation for Justice, Peace and Development. These homes offer a promising and safe living environment to more than 100 children in Phnom Penh and Battambang. We contribute to an optimal development and education for the children. Th second initiative we support are the activities of the village council of Anlong Kong, previously a slum area in Phnom Penh. The village council develops projects which provide for a better living climate and the development of the 2.000 residents of Anlong Kong.
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Laws, rules and regulations in Cambodia are quite different from those in the Netherlands. The Business Plan describes which quality requirements and standards we want to live up to. The way in which we want to implement this is described in the following Manuals which are in Dutch:
1 Employees
2 Safety
3 Restaurant
4 Hygiene
5 Function profiles.

Phnom Penh is built on hills. In the rainy season the streets are flooded regularly. Of course we do not want to see our customers in trouble when staying with us. In order to find the right location for our hotel we implemented a Planological study. This way we will see to it our feet remain dry, and, as for the infrastructure, to be attainable fairly well.

Would you like to contribute to the development of PTD Golden Heart Hotel;
- What could you mean to us?
We are looking for donors and sponsors who help us to realize PTD Golden Heart Hotel and its social goals. We are striving for a starting capital of € 340.000,00. This amount contains all costs to realize the hotel in 4 months time.
Quite important are the financiers and investors who can support us in the realization of our dream. Of course this can be done directly by means of a financial contrbution, but it can also be done in kind, for instance by supplying goods or providing advice.
- What can you donate?
Each amount helps us in starting the hotel. See our crowd funding page ( for more information on the possibilities.
If you need more information on this project and/or the possibilities for investment or sponsoring, you may contact us via
- How can you donate?
Do you want to be involved in our dream? With people who just do it? Gram this chance - become part of our adventure. In that case, remit your voluntary contribution to:
Stichting at Almere, the Netherlands,
Iban: NL35RABO 0300 3085 15,
mentioning, your name and e-mail address (replace the @ for .. )