Rollercoaster and Goodbye

Submitted by beheerder on Sun, 08/23/2015 - 05:34


Just one week to go, I have the feeling to sit in a roller coaster. My agenda is full and the last-minute issues must be regulated. Last week I was busy with perform the administration and tax in relation to my work and life in Cambodia. Here again people came on my path to help me with their necessary expertise. Investigation launched, into the tax rules in Cambodia and the consequences here and in the meantime, to set up a Dutch Holding to arrange good business for the future.

The emotional roller coaster is also there. Packing the last case(s) is still more difficult than I thought. The close-clicking makes it really final and that I still have to postpone. Now piling everything on what I'm going to carry. Separated into piles for the holiday backpack and suitcase(s) for the apartment and structurally stay. Probably this will be a last-minute action next week.

After a farewell party with the neighbors today last sunday a real goodbye party. What nice and pleasant to see each other for a moment in an amazing ambience of the estate Olmenhorst. Cozy all together prepare a delicious Italian menu under the supervision of top chefs. This was taking ‘good-bye’.

image1 (1)_0.jpgimage1 (2)_0.jpg

I'm already a long time working on the completion of the PTD Golden Heart Hotel. At the time I took last October resignation, I randomly asked a number of people for me to write a 'quote' showing that it will work to realize this project to me. These quotes have given me great support and occasionally I read them through ff. Would you read them ...... can do that here.



That everything is also evident from the figures; The site today has received 31.171 visitors. 5058 readers have followed the blogs and there are € 47,179.00 in donations and investments within. And that ... it will continue and there will be more money coming in daily.


Next week is full of appointments; board meeting, notary, farewell lunch with former Cambodian participants, luncheons, retirement party, administration, banking and many more. And of course ... ..the cases have really stuffed!


Just one week to go, Saturday we are picked up at 14:00 and we leave for Schiphol. Next week ...... we are at this time already in Phnom Penh. What a wonderful prospect!


Until next week






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