Tourist in my 'own' country

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We are already 1 ½ week in Cambodia, tourist in my 'own' country. When this was written to me, I had to think. The arrival in Phnom Penh was a literally hot bath, it felt good and I also had an idea of ​​coming home. The ride from the airport to the hotel was a delight. Channy, my regular tuk-tuk driver dropped me and Frieda around the neck. Joy and friendship went together. Here, in this city, I'm going to build a part of my future. The crowds, the city, the heat and the noise from the stalls, temples, motorcycles and tuk-tuks ... it all came in. Also at the hotel, 'Mama's Veary ", a warm welcome in the hotel room and it was quite clear that we are welcome here.


The first days in Phnom Penh were marked by the visit of the highlights. Carla and Jan are here for the first time, so we took them to the Tuol Sleng prison, killing fields, Royal Palace, Russian- and New Market, Olympic Stadium, Riverside, Wat Phnom etc. Nice walk through the city, peppering the delicious drink and food ... vacation! Of course I viewed some buildings, maybe the future PTD Golden Heart Hotel. A constant flow of ideas going through me. Appointments are made for after the holiday. Then it really starts. It now remains when taking photos of cute and original things we encounter.


Then we traveled to Chi Pat for a jungle trek of three days. Here is the confirmation of what I experienced last year when I made the final feasibility study and, along with Marieke, have traversed the country. The country has so much to offer, the people are incredibly friendly and there is much work still to be done. During the trek we were even from the world. Cambodian even my phone does not work here. Going back to ourselves and enjoy together. Back to basic and evening musing in my hammock, figure out how soon the guests tempted here to experience how small-scale ecotourism contributes to employment, and to protect nature.

images.jpgimages (1).jpgimages (2).jpg

Returning in Phnom Penh, I planted the seeds of the Sandalwood Tree. This should soon offer a leafy coolness on the roof and we may be able to squeeze into the future of the fruit Sandelwoodoil. After a restful night we went on the road to Battambang. We stay at the Children Home (PCH2) where we have conducted in recent years several projects. Again, a warm welcome! Ponlieu and Sophy have everything ready to spend a few days here. Of course, the Ponleu circus on the program as well as the Bamboo Train, the Pagodas and the bat cave. Sothea has a cooking class arranged at Nary's Kitchen, and to test whether it is we have also eaten as well.

Yes, in the sense of tourists 'own' country it enters. I enjoy every moment and it's nice that this also is experienced in our group. I think they will soon have returned to the Netherlands a few weeks, the time needed to recover from the trip!

One and a half week vacation in my beautiful country. We're going to expire something beautiful.

Love and untill the next weblog




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