Our aim

Phnom Tong Daeng Golden Heart Hotel
Eco-friendly Hotel, Restaurant, Sustainable Tourism and Employment
The PTD Golden Heart Hotel helps the local population in Cambodia to move ahead. Join in and enjoy the rewards.
The PTD Golden Heart Hotel will be a middle-class hotel at Pnomh Penh, Cambodia, offering its customers a pleasant stay with various facilities, and creating possibilities to discover this beautiful country in all its facets. The customer is taken along in the development goals the PTD Golden Heart Hotel aspires to attain. PTD Golden Heart Hotel will support its employees in their development and well-being in their personal habitat. It has a safe working environment, and takes care of educational facilities.

The activities aim at creating employment, education facilities, and social goals, for the local population of Cambodia. There is specific attention for persons at a large distance from the labour market. PTD Golden Heart Hotel will, in collaboration with the Foundation Cambodja.nu, constitute the base in Cambodia from where projects are initiated.

PTD Golden Heart Hotel offers employees a well-paid job, additional labour conditions, basic education, and training on the required work-related competences (friendly, appearance, behaviour, co-operative). Employees are enabled to enroll their children in nursery or primary schools (depending on age).

How will we achieve this?
PTD Golden Heart Hotel is a social enterprise. This is to say it has the ambitions of a sound enterprise, but also the aim of a social enterprise, geared to maximalize improvements in human and ecological well-being, instead of profit maximalization for the owner. Following thorough research, we decided to take off on a large scale right away. This is the only way to really make a difference.

Why Cambodia?
Peterhans Koperberg, founder of the Foundation Cambodja.nu, and initiator of the PTD Golden Heart Hotel, has been active in Cambodia since 2006. He organized journeys and initiated projects to improve the well-being of the local population in various ways. Peterhans wants to do more to make a difference for the Cambodians.
Peterhans: “Living on the basis of confidence might be the most important thing the Cambodians taught me. The country conquered a central place in my heart. It touches me. Cambodians can teach you how to deal with insecurity, freedom, and responsibility. It is country with a turbulent history, but incredibly viable. For me, perhaps the most memorable incident is the commitment of my Cambodian friends when I unfolded my plans. The confidence you receive, the connectedness I felt: for me, this is the essence of life. Cambodia helps me to locate the connection with myself, with what I regard as important and with who I love, in the centre of my life. To live and do business on the basis of connectedness and trust.”

Personal story
Peterhans: “In the plans I am developing for a hotel at Phnom Penh, soul and commerce are interrelated. As a hotel owner I can help to construct a world I believe in. In this, what I do professionally and whi I am personally, is strongly interwoven. I am convinced this will also lead to commercial success. By developing plans which concern yourself as well, plans that are an extension of your own conviction, of which you believe they will improve the world a bit, you develop your commercial strength as well. This is how I want to be a hotel owner: offering a hospitable space to others on the basis of my own motivation and drives, to realize their own dreams as well.”
Peterhans: “Within my own family, the discussion about our dream was taken up in 2012. Two years later the Foundation was established, a comprehensive business plan came about, and the conclusion was: PTD Golden Heart Hotel can be done! There is a market for a hotel with opportunities to realize our goals.”
Next to its regular company management, PTD Golden Heart Hotel supports the activities of the Foundation Cambodja.nu through:
1. Employment
By setting up a hotel, people are enabled to participate in the labour process. They are educated in the touristic branch and the English language. The employees receive wages, medical care, and good secondary labour conditions. They will be enabled to enroll their children (depending on age) in nursery or primary schools. Special roles are planned for students as temporary employees, in order to pay for their studies.
2. (Social) Hygiene
The projects in the Cambodian villages will aim at improving the well-being of residents through investments in information and physical activities such as water management, dealing with garbage, and cleanliness.
3. Socio-economic goal
Supporting persons who want to develop themselves and their environment structurally and socio-economically, in such a way that they will get hold of instruments to shape their lives in a more worthy manner.
4. Supporting the secure living environment of the Children Homes of the Khmer Foundation of Peace, Justice and Development (http://www.khmerfoundation1994.org). Besides the support mentioned under point 1 to students aged 16 – 28, this implies facilitating a safe habitat for the children.
5. Supporting the activities of the Krama Yoga Studio in Phnom Penh (http://www.yogacambodia.com/about-us/what-we-do)

Crowd funding
In order to realize these goals, the hotel will be rented, renovated, equipped, and made operational, as fast as possible. This is the only way to make a difference. Now a kick start is required to get PTD Golden Heart Hotel off the ground in this manner, and we really need you in this crowd funding action! Are you committed to this dream? To people who just do it? Are you eager to make a difference as well? Join in, become part of the adventure, and make a difference!
The crowd funding contributed to your commitment to this project, and to the people of Cambodia who, just like you, want to build up their existence.
Steps that were, or will be, taken:
1. Since December 2014; preparing the Crowdfunding campaign, and attracting funds.
2. Launching Crowdfunding campaign on Sunday, April 26th 2015. You can donate at the homepage of this website.
3. Financing complete in July 2015
4. July 4th, 2015: departing for Cambodia to set up administrative organization.
5. Looking for a suitable property, and organizing renovation thereof.
6. 4 months: manageing the renovation.
7. January 2016: “grand opening” Phnom Tong Deang Golden Heart Hotel

What will we use your financial contribution for:
To set up the hotel-cum-restaurant, a sizeable amount of capital is required (€ 340.000,-), of which we want to generate € 200.000,- through the crowd funding action. Now only, and no more thereafter. This is a large amount, and therefore reason we shall provide insight in what the money is spent on periodically, via our website. In this manner, the administration is made accountable and transparent. The costs will involve rent of the building, renovation, purchase of equipment (assets), hotel website, ICT and the like, mainly. On this website you will find the budget plan, including a break-up of expenditure of the starting capital. Donations and sponsor money will not be spent on wages and boarding and lodging costs of the owner and those replacing him.